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Traveling Artist on a Mission to Paint EVERY National Park

Hello, my name is Kayla Allen. I am a Plein Air Artist from Maryland and over the past two years I have spent 10 months living on the road in an attempt to paint all 63 US National Parks on site! So far I have painted thirty-seven. Here you can find updates on my journey, a photo series of my Parks Collection and shop the collection as I roam!

Special Stories

Travel Blogging and Interview Links

Here you can follow along on my National Park journey, read my interviews with organizations, and see the mechanics that go into making t-shirts, paintings, stickers and more!

Parks Project Interview

January 2023 

Here you can read my interview for Parks Projectʻs "People in the Parks" Series. In this interview I focus on Acadia National Park in Maine!

Click Here to Read


Voyage Ohio Interview

January 17, 2022

In January of 2022 I was able to interview with Voyage Ohio. I had such a great time discussing my travels, what my business means to me and how my artistic journey began.
Click Here-- read Kayla Allen's Voyage Ohio Interview


Shoutout Atlanta Interview

October 20th, 2021

I had the honor of communicating with the wonderful people at Shoutout Atlanta last month. We discussed what drives my business, who inspired me to create this business, and how I where I see my art heading. To read the full story, click the link below!

Click Here-- read Kayla Allen's Shoutout Atlanta Interview


Acadia National Park Adventure

October 1st-20th

On October 1st I moved out of my house and into my new travel trailer. On October 6th my boyfriend, Saif, and I left Maryland to stay in Acadia National Park for about two weeks. While there, I worked on my live painting skills and met some amazing people. To watch the full vlog of our travels, use the link below.

Acadia Vlog

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