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Red Oil Painting


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Shipping & Returns: FAQ

What is your Return and Shipping Policy?

Currently I am unable to offer any return options. All sales are final. 
As for shipping, I take a lot of care in making sure that your package arrives safely at your door-- however, once the package has left my hands, I cannot do anything to speed up the process and relinquish all responsibility for delays. With that being said, please reach out with any issues or concerns and I will do my best to assist.

Do You Offer Commissions?

Yes! I love creating commissions--however-- my commissions are not always "open." I only ever take a few large commissions at a time. To check the status of my commission availability please refer to my "Special Stories" section of my home page or contact me through email

How can I book your live painting services?

I live paint everything from weddings and business meetings to busy nights in restaurants. Because of this variation in events my booking process also varies. To begin the booking process or even just to inquire about any event, email me at

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